differentiation of self

#026: The Roles We Play

What role did you play in your family of origin? How has that impacted you as an adult? On today’s episode, we explore 5 different roles that each of us play into as children in our families of origin: The Entertainer; Peacekeeper; Role Model; Baby; & Fixer. In upcoming weeks, we’ll explore how these roles impact our sense of self & our marriages so that we can be intentional about creating the lives, marriages, and families we desire to have as adults!

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#023: Honor Your Father + Mother (Pt. I)

What does it mean to honor your father and mother as an adult? During the month of November, we’ll be exploring family of origin issues to see how our upbringings impacted us + continue to impact our relationships.

On this episode, we discuss how to honor your father & mother as an adult, when you had a good childhood or upbringing. Three ways we do that are by (1) naming what’s good, (2) honoring our individual experiences, and (3) learning to see our parents as 3-dimensional.

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