If you’re ready to connect, communicate, and grow closer than you’ve ever known how to before, then this workshop is for you!

Courageous Conversations is designed to improve your communication, deepen your understanding, help you problem solve the right way & get to the root of any issue in your marriage…

…all in just one day.

We’d love to have you join us!

Courageous Conversations
This workshop literally changed our marriage in 6 hours...thank you.
— Kate W. | Married 2 Years
Southland Life Group, Georgetown, KY

Southland Life Group, Georgetown, KY

2019 Dates + Location:

  • Saturday, October 19th, 9:00am - 4:00pm

    The Second Story, Nicholasville, KY

Format + Cost:

  • (6) 1-hr. interactive sessions

  • Coffee + bagels provided; 1-hr. lunch break

  • $200 per couple

    *Compare to regular session rate of $120 per hour.

    *Perfect for a small group!

We definitely found the root to our biggest problem in our marriage today. I think that we were able to get down to the cause in safe place, and brainstorm solutions. It was a big relief to have that conversation. It’s hard to go that deep with someone but being able to do that is what gave us that sense of relief today.
— Phillip S. | Married 3 Years
I cannot tell you how helpful this was for our marriage. We learned so much about having courageous conversations and about one another. We are so thankful for our life group friends for the support to take this workshop!
— Autumn S. | Married 3 Years
The courageous conversations allows you to dive deep with your partner in ways that other workshops don’t. It’s faith-oriented and encouraging. And though there are others there, you are able to be in the mindset of it is just you and your spouse. I enjoyed how interactive and practical it was. Having others there was also great to bounce ideas off of other people and know that many couples are having similar experiences as you. You get to apply what you have learned right away in a safe place...and I appreciate that we came away with a plan.
— IN Couple | Married 6 Years
Courageous Conversations taught us how to have productive conversations. The practical tools to improve our communication set this workshop apart. To be able to see change and improvement before the workshop was even over is something I’ve never experienced! This isn’t just another pep rally - Kensi walks you through, step by step, how to immediately impact your marriage for the better.
— Jess L. | Married 7 Years
I’m thankful we did this workshop together because we understand each other better now. And we also started laying out a plan to address our current biggest issues as individuals and as a married couple. We made significant progress toward that and laid the foundation for building on that and bringing it to fruition.
— Jonathan L. | Married 7 Years
Courageous Conversation

Fall Workshop 2018

The Second Story, Nicholasville, KY

Courageous Conversations helped us in areas I didn’t realize we were struggling in... This workshop gave us material to have an important conversation that we wouldn’t have had in our daily lives. And now we have tools to help us in future conversations. As parents, when else would we have found time in a distraction-free environment? We wouldn’t have. Put aside your excuses and give it a shot!
— Paul B. | Married 6 Years
Courageous conversations was so wonderful for our marriage. My husband and I entered the workshop feeling that our marriage was great, which it is, but this workshop helped us see that we were fighting struggles we each had alone and not together as a pair. It woke us up to see that we had his-and-her issues that we were keeping to ourselves instead of sharing them with each other. Now that we realize this, we are more open about our individual struggles and how we would like our spouse to support us in them. We are more united than ever before. And though the issues still remain, we both know that we can and will have our spouse next to us to tackle them in a godly way.
— Megan B. | Married 6 Years
Courageous Conversations

Kensi Duszynski

MA, LMFT, CPC, Workshop Leader

If you think your marriage is fine or great, this class is still for you! This class gives you the space to make your marriage even better and to grow deeper with one another. Who doesn’t want that?! You are going to learn some life-changing tools and how to apply them with help! It won’t be a waste of time...just go, give it a chance! You’ll leave closer than you ever have been before!
— Mindy B. | Married 5 Years
Kensi gives you not only the material and tools that you need to have courageous conversations but goes a step further and limits the class size so that she can personally help coach and guide you as a couple...as you stumble through some of your first conversations. From one guy to another, if you want a better marriage - no matter how good or bad your marriage is currently - then go. You won’t regret going.
— Brooks B. | Married 5 Years