Whether choosing a wedding date or finalizing wedding details, you’re well on your way to spending a lifetime together!

Marriage can be one of the most wonderful, life-changing experiences you’ll ever be a part of! That is, when you decide early on that your commitment to each other is worth it - ALL of it.

But believe it or not, the lovey-dovey feelings you have now won’t last forever (good news – neither will the wedding stress!) What will you do when those feelings fade? What will you do to stay in love? How will you stay married?

Your answers to those questions will determine whether you make it to year 5 or year 50.

If you’re looking for top-quality pre-marriage counseling...look no further than Kensi Duszynski.
— Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

If you desire to feel…

  • absolutely confident as you take your vows

  • reassured in your ability to talk through all the things upfront

  • heard on your perspective and understood by each other

  • relieved to have a game plan for what to do beyond the wedding

...then WedWell is exactly what you’re looking for. 

The difference in our relationship from when we first started WedWell? Leaps & bounds. Our relationship was great before, but now we’re even more confident. We have structures in place for setting goals, problem solving, & working through conflict & disagreements. We actually addressed issues we didn’t even know we needed to talk about & WedWell gave us the language to do that. We didn’t know what to expect when we started, but we appreciated how real Kensi was. We got so much input about real relationship issues from a Scriptural lens, but it wasn’t watered down. It was research-based stuff.
— Jonathan & Sarah Beth | Newlyweds

After WedWell, you will be able to stand confidently on your wedding day...

  • with ready-to-go tools to help you navigate married life on a practical, day-to-day basis.

  • on the same page about how you’ll each handle conflict, self-soothing, and problem solving together.

  • united on how you’ll deal with matters of faith, family of origin, in-laws, boundaries, roles, responsibilities, money, budgeting, sex, family planning, and parenting.

Within the first few months of marriage, you’ll also be able to…

  • learn how to contribute your best self to your marriage.

  • leverage your unique relational dynamics to support each other in healthy ways.

  • confidently troubleshoot any issue that may arise in the first few years.

“From Kensi’s education and professional training in Marriage and Family Therapy, she offers great insights to engaged couples and newly married couples.… While many gaps exist in the church and in education as young people prepare for marriage, Kensi gives practical tools for communication, as well as a greater understanding around God designing us for pleasure. She grounds this teaching in Scripture and provides excellent training to prepare couples for their honeymoon and beyond.”
— Greg Haseloff | Asbury University Chaplain

WedWell includes:

  • 2 Premarital SYMBIS Assessments ($35 value)

  • 6 Premarital Coaching Sessions ($800 value)

  • 2 Post-Wedding Coaching Sessions ($200 value)

Scheduled at your convenience, you’ll get over 8 hours of tailored-to-you work with a licensed professional marriage therapist for $750 paid in full. Payment Plans + Gift Certificates available.