Invisible loss.

That’s what it’s called when you lose a pregnancy, a baby, a defining life moment, a dream that only you & your spouse had the opportunity to be a part of.

No one is ever prepared for this, this weight of invisible loss. It often comes unexpectedly, leaving you desperate to put the pieces together. All the while, you’re experiencing grief, loss, & loneliness on nearly every level - physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, maybe even spiritually.

 If you’re feeling or have felt…

  • grieved & heartbroken, but like no one understands

  • scared or confused about your body, about tomorrow

  • angry at nothing & everything at the same time

  • bitter, resentful, guilty or ashamed

  • misunderstood by others

  • disconnected or withdrawn from the people you love

....know you’re not alone.

As difficult as it may be to process, and despite what others may say…

You don’t have to keep it inside, push it down, or move on before you’re ready.

With 50+ hours of therapeutic training in pregnancy loss, we’re wholeheartedly committed to supporting you, wherever you are right now in your grief journey. At Brave Marriage, you will receive the time and space you need to process and grieve, whatever you need, in a safe and healing environment.

I’d be honored to walk with you through this season.

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