You, like me, have God-given dreams. For yourself, your marriage, your family.

Maybe it’s starting a business, or a ministry, or a family. Or maybe it’s building a house. Maybe it’s working to overcome a particular obstacle, or maybe, just maybe, your desire is to have the best marriage you possibly can so that you can love & lead well, right where you are. And wherever God takes you in the future.

And fulfilling those dreams together?? Icing on the cake.

But working together toward your dreams and desires isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be (amen & amen). Misunderstandings…disagreements…not seeing eye to eye…not to mention outside stressors & pressures… All of these things can factor into you feeling nothing but frustrated and stuck!

What if I were to tell you there’s a way…

  • to get the ball rolling (or moving again)??

  • to learn to take action together??

  • to better support each other in the dreams & desires God’s given you??

  • to work more productively toward your goals??

Spoiler alert: There IS a way. And with a little bit of coaching, outside support & encouragement, it’s actually more doable than you realize!

We sought out couples coaching because we didn’t have the most positive way to communicate with one another when it came to a few major issues. Through our work with Kensi, we gained the healthy communication strategies we were looking for. The most important lesson we learned, as simple as it sounds, was to really listen to what each other is saying & feeling. As a result, we no longer yell or hold any resentment. Instead, our trust in each other feels strong again!
— John & Nicole | Business Owners

If you desire to…

  • work more productively as a team toward your goals

  • support each other in more functional ways

  • communicate more effectively with your spouse

  • gain tools & techniques to help you get to where you want to go

  • take action together & follow through in faith

  • grow closer & more connected in the process

...then couples coaching is for you!

We’ve made leaps and bounds since we met with Kensi last year. There’s a new since of trust between the two of us now. It’s funny because our sessions still come up from time to time and it makes me smile because I know deep down we took those sessions seriously and still use those tools today! We aren’t perfect by any means, but life is good and we’re enjoying it!! I’m so thankful for my marriage and my shop! It’s amazing to know you’re doing what God intended you to do!
— John & Nicole | 1 Year Follow Up

Couples coaching includes 8 skill-building sessions:

  • Goal-Setting + Identifying Obstacles

  • KEY Communication Strategies

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Problem-Solving + Teamwork

  • Support + Accountability

  • Action + Maintenance Planning

Choose the schedule format + payment plan that works best for you!

Payment plans available. Credit cards accepted.

Couples Coaching Option 1

$750 paid in full

or $200 paid monthly

Couples Coaching Option 2

$750 paid in full

or $400 paid monthly