differentiated unity

#038: The Gift of Sex

I believe that God created us for meaningful sex, and that our sex lives actually have the opportunity to reflect the goodness & glory of God. Have you ever thought about your sex life or sexuality in this way? What's difficult about this concept for you? In today’s episode, we discuss 4 gifts of married sex, followed by one action step and a prayer for your marriage. I hope you enjoy!

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#004: Living Mutually Empowered, Purposeful Lives

Today, we cover the final piece of the mission of Brave Marriage.  We learn how to live mutually empowered, purposeful lives by looking at the Trinitarian relationship.  First, we celebrate our own & our spouse's individuality.  Then, we learn to love in a way that empowers the other.  As we do both of these things, we naturally live into differentiated unity as married couples.

Mentioned on this Episode:

  • A Model for Marriage, Jack & Judith Balswick

  • The Emotionally Healthy Leader, Pete Scazzero

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