Meet Kensi Duszynski
Wife, Marriage Therapist, Certified Professional Coach, Relationship Enhancement Educator, Podcast Host, & founder of Brave Marriage.

Kensi Duszynski

This is me.

My parents had the odds stacked against them. Their age, education, motivation for marriage - nearly all the statistics pointed to their young marriage not making it.  They raised me & my siblings well, but figuring out “the marriage thing” was a struggle.

When I was 10, something shifted. I suddenly had front row seats to their personal & relational transformation.

How did my parents beat the odds?

God's saving grace.

And a good marriage counselor. 

A lifelong calling.

I've felt called to work with couples since I was 16. In the decade that followed, I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology + a master’s degree from seminary in marriage & family counseling. I worked at Focus on the Family & another nonprofit before opening my private practice, where I've served 100+ couples as a marriage therapist & coach.

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You really were put on the earth to do this very thing. The woman sitting beside me said, “you can tell how passionate she is about what she does.” The information you presented was so applicable to our daily lives & situations. You also gave examples or used our situations to put into action the information you gave, so it became more real. Thank you again. I know each person took something away that they can use to better their relationships...I know I did.
— Lauren | Married 7 Years

This is us.

From getting married in 4th grade on the playground, to not speaking for 2 years in college, our saga resulted in a real-life marriage! Yet as most couples do, in the early days we thought, “man, we’ve got this down.”

I mean, we loved Jesus + we loved each other so...that equals marriage success, right?! 

Ha, hahaha. We were so cute to think so.

That's like believing my love for Jesus + love for gymnastics = Olympic athlete status. I can be passionate about the sport & follow Jesus all day long, but that doesn't mean I’m off the hook for putting in the work!


Similarly, success in marriage is not dependent on a romanticized faith or feeling.

It's dependent on two people being real with themselves, having the courage to change from the inside out, & transforming their relational spaces...little by little, day by day.

I believe that doing your work in the first few years is the key to a remarkable marriage.

A great marriage takes both hard work + heart work. For the rest of your life, yes, but especially UPFRONT.

By God's grace, the start of my marriage & master's coincided. In those days, I learned so much from the experts about saving & strengthening marriages. But instead of waiting to implement these strategies, Evan & I took action from the very beginning.

Crucial new insights… Counterintuitive strategies… Essential conversations…

which led to the quality of life & relationship we always hoped we'd have.

Because we didn't have to heal from hurting each other or undo bad relational habits. Instead, we had tools to keep us close & connected, even through the hard seasons. Including ectopic pregnancy, infertility, & grieving the loss of loved ones. 

Our marriage isn't perfect. But it's the marriage we've always wanted. 

And it certainly didn't happen by accident.

By God’s grace, it happened through growing as individuals, doing marriage with intention, & empowering each other to lead purposeful lives. 

And you know what? It can happen for you, too.

I am all about equipping couples in their first few years of marriage, by teaching them HOW to do the groundwork upfront. My vision is that amazing couples, just like you, would live into their God-given identities & purpose. Because if we can not only GET IT, but do marriage right from the start?! Then I truly believe that lives, marriages, & churches will be changed, for the glory of God & good of others.

If you desire to have a better, braver marriage - you're in excellent company here. 

Rooting for you,


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