What are the differences between the services you offer?

Premarital Coaching: WedWell is intended for engaged/newlywed couples who not only want to talk about issues beforehand, but who also desire 1) to start their marriage with real skills & tools to help them confidently face life together, and 2) support to troubleshoot issues that will inevitably surface after the wedding.

Couples Coaching: Couples coaching is meant for couples who desire to grow in healthier communication & teamwork as they work toward a particular goal together (starting a family, starting a business, etc.).

Marriage Therapy: Marriage therapy at Brave Marriage is meant for couples who feel stuck in relational hurts that prevent them from getting along in the present. It’s for married couples who’ve grown distant & withdrawn, whose conflict escalates quickly, or whose trust has been broken.

Grief Counseling: Grief counseling at Brave Marriage is intended for couples grieving a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or infertility.

What are your rates?

Marriage Therapy: $120 per session, effective August 1, 2019

WedWell + Couples Coaching: $100 per session ($750 paid in full for 8 sessions)

What does the coaching process look like?

Premarital coaching (WedWell) is an 8-session program, with 6 sessions occurring pre-wedding & 2 sessions occurring post-wedding. Over the course of 3-6 months, we’ll cover communication, conflict, problem solving, sex, family of origin & in-law issues, budgeting & money mindset, relational dynamics, & troubleshooting issues that arise after the wedding. To learn more, click here.

Couples coaching may occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, over the course of 1-6 months, depending on your goals & schedule. Sessions are 60 minutes long. First, we’ll start by identifying your goals. Then, I’ll equip you with the tools you need (communication, problem solving, budgeting, etc.) to work together effectively to achieve your shared goals & dreams! To learn more, click here.

What does the therapeutic process look like?

The first session includes getting to know you, your story, & your goals for therapy, as well as a discussion of policies & procedures. Session two includes a follow-up of any other pertinent information & collaboratively coming up with a customized plan for marriage therapy. Subsequent sessions will be aimed at helping you meet your therapeutic goals. At Brave Marriage, therapy usually takes place over the course of 10-20 sessions, with each session lasting 55-60 minutes. While that’s the norm, I’ve worked with couples who’ve achieved their goals in as few as 4 sessions! I’ve also worked with clients who’ve needed up to a year to resolve years of relational hurt.

How can we maximize our time together working with you?

Such a great question considering we’ll spend 60 minutes together per week. You’re responsible for your own motivation; your own heart posture; & your own willingness to learn & grow personally. Meeting your goals in marriage therapy/coaching is largely dependent upon your commitment to make changes in your own life between sessions.

How does your Christian faith impact your work with clients?

As a Christian & active member of the church where my husband & I attend, my faith fully influences my identity. As a licensed professional, my role is to support you in your life and relationships, based on your values & beliefs. If we share the same faith, I am happy to include prayer & spirituality if you bring it up and believe it would be helpful to you. If we believe differently, my commitment to you is wholehearted respect & a willingness to learn. 

What’s your stance on marriage, divorce, & separation?

My stance on marriage:

I am pro-marriage and pro-commitment, which means that I place a high value on staying married, the institution of marriage, and the biopsychosocial benefits the marriage relationship brings.

My stance on separation:

The only time I would ever mention separation is in the event that your marriage is no longer safe due to ANY  type of abuse or domestic violence. Your safety takes precedence over salvaging your relationship; paradoxically, ensuring your emotional, relational, and physical safety is a necessary first step if your relationship is to ever be restored in a healthy way.

My stance on divorce:

I hate what divorce does to individuals, couples, and the family unit. So rest assured, I will never recommend divorce if you’re coming to me to work on your marriage (in fact, I’ve had clients come to me after seeing other therapists who recommended divorce when that was not what the couple wanted).

At the same time, I know divorce is extremely hard on individuals, families, and their support systems. Some individuals and even couples seek counseling at this time, once a decision has already been made, in an effort to work through the transition as smoothly and cohesively as possible. Thus, I also work with couples or individuals whose lives divorce has touched.

Do you think my spouse and I could work through things on our own?

According to John Gottman, the leading marriage researcher in the United States, couples will wait, on average, 6 years too long to get help. My desire is to see couples come into my office preventively and proactively. So while it may be possible, it’s very likely that working with a professional third-party will help you get to where you want to go...and much more smoothly and quickly, at that!

Will you keep what I/we say confidential?

Yes. Except what is required of me by law. When we begin our work together, I will fully explain & make sure you understand what my limits of confidentiality are. Otherwise, what’s said in my office stays in my office.

Can I work with you if I don’t live in your state?

If you are interested in coaching services - WedWell or couples coaching - I would be happy to work with you - no matter where you live! I conduct coaching sessions in office and online.

If you are interested in therapy services, by law, I am unable to practice outside the state of Kentucky. My physical office is located in Lexington, KY.

How do I get started?

Contact Brave Marriage TODAY.